Love Letters

After trying Le bébé Coo products for the first time, I am definitely hooked. Their formulas are so gentle, yet effective and everything has such a luxurious feel. I love that I can even use some of their products on myself such as the Leave-in Conditioner, which is a great detangler for my hair. Now I always recommend this line to my friends and any new mommies that I meet.

- Suzanne Swisher, St. Louis, MO

Le bébé Coo wipes are a favorite for a freshen up here in my Hampton’s home. We love the individually wrapped SPF towelettes, they are great to throw in a bag when I’m on the go or to share with friends on the boat; especially because they are biodegradable. It makes for a great baby shower gift and I give it to all my expecting friends because I truly believe in the product line! For color treated hair, their shampoos have been amazing, they are gentle and don’t strip the color out of my hair; they also smell awesome!

- Jill Zarin, Real Housewife of New York City

I was introduced to Le bébé Coo recently and am thrilled to have discovered such a fantastic product line for my little one. The quality and standard of every product we have used have been every bit the rave I have been hearing about from other moms. The SPF 45 Wipes are so easy to swipe on and effortless to apply around the face without risk of getting it in my son’s eyes. We have tried a variety of sunscreens which provoked irritation to his sensitive skin however, Le bébé Coo has proven to protect his tender skin and leave no rash or irritation behind. We live in Southern California and enjoy the outdoors. I keep in stock plenty of back-up Le bébé Coo SPF 45 Wipes on hand for our family and plenty for my friends’ little ones when we take our weekly hikes!

- Mona Beaulieu, mother of two

There isn’t a line out there for babies and children such as Le bébé Coo. Their products are luxurious and not only do I love them, my kids do too! I’ve only been able to try a few products in the line, but so far everything that I have tried has been amazing. I can’t wait until I am able to get my hands on the rest of the Le bébé Coo products!

- Anne Bartley, Bethesda, MD Castmate and owner of Completely Bare

Had a great day at my baby shower! Big Thank You to Le bébé Coo for a wonderful baby shower!

- Kristin Cavallari

I am a huge fan of Le bébé Coo products. I especially love the Bedtime wash, which helps soothe my extremely active toddler and the sunscreen wipes which besides being effective are extremely convenient; I keep them every where, in my son’s stroller, in my purse and of course in our beach bag! LOVE Le bébé Coo products!!!!

- Anna Boiardi, Playing with Fire - E! Network

As the mother of a bi-racial child, I am very concerned about the effects products have on my baby’s sensitive skin. She has gotten so many rashes from diaper creams (of all things) and other products. I had become nervous to use anything! Finally, I found a product line that I don’t even have to think about! From the fragrant Nourishing Lotion, to the Leave-In Conditioner Detangler, to the adorable Baby Lipstick, everything does its job beautifully without any worries. Thank you Le bébé Coo for giving families dependable and safe products that work so well!

- Ashley J

When I tried the Le bébé Coo Leave-In Detangler the first time on Jesse and Zoe, I loved it immediately! It really works at hydrating their hair and helps keep the hairstyles polished. Best of all, it smells great too! Le bébé Coo is an awesome product; we love it!

- Cindy Barshop, Real Housewife of New York City, Castmate and owner of Completely Bare

Thank you to Le bébé Coo for the amazing baby products! My sister and my neice, Jet, are gonna love it!

- Adrienne Bailon, Recording Artist

Le bébé Coo’s SPF 45 wipes have completely changed my morning routine. Previously, I had to pin my 2-year old down and apply sunblock cream which inevitably resulted in missed spots, yelling and frustration. Now I can easily swipe a wipe over my daughters’ arms, legs, shoulders and face. Applying sunblock is no longer a negative way to start the day.

- Erica Walsh, Santa Barbara, CA