Not only used to pamper baby bottoms, it’s great for eczema or extremely dry cracked feet, hands, lips and skin patches. It also soothes minor cuts,burns and abrasions.


A favorite for a “bubble bath.” Soothing aromas of lavender create a relaxing experience used in spas everywhere.


An all-in-one cleanser with the pure pressed oils and oats. A perfect product for a quick trip, to be used on hair and body! Super sensitive with oat and naturally-occurring essential aminos conducive to healthy skin and hair without irritants. Also works great as a shave lubricant and lather, for sensitive skin prone to rash or irritation due to shaving.


Quickly absorbed with a naturally occurring açai berry antibacterial used fortreatment on the driest of skin areas. Try Massage Oil for elbows, feet, and hands! A favorite worldwide for its light feel, consistency and softening hydration, it isalso used frequently as a base for powders and highlights!


A favorite of women worldwide — gentle, moisturizing, protectant base for under lipstick, lipgloss, and used frequently by photographers for that gleaming youthful lip! Lip Protecteur is also great for use on the ski slopes, beaches and all-season activities — it naturally hydrates, protects and nourishes at the same time. It is also a favorite of whole families for use on outdoor and sports activities.


Due to the gentle nature and organic color protectants, this is the perfect shampoo for daily use on color or tinted hair. These shampoos are especially revered for their mild cleansers, no sulfates, and tear-free properties for sensitive scalp. Great for the whole family, the shampoos’ mild formula protects against breakage.